Unlocking the potential
of African communities and leaders
one volunteer at a time

Making Lasting
Impact From Within

CorpsAfrica places young African volunteers in rural communities to identify and solve their most pressing local challenges.

We know Africans are best positioned to collaborate and make transformative and sustainable changes within themselves and the communities.

Where We Work

African staff manage CorpsAfrica’s offices in its countries of operation, providing the flexibility and responsiveness to support the specific needs of each country’s volunteers and projects.











Community-Designed Local Solutions

From 2013 through today, CorpsAfrica Volunteers and rural communities have identified and designed more than 800 projects centered on local ownership, resilience, and collaboration.

Transformative Volunteer Experience

We believe young people have the drive and passion to affect transformative change. Our youth volunteers are trained in the best practices of community-led development and serve for one year in some of the most impoverished regions of their countries. Our volunteers turn this experience into a new future full of possibilities for themselves and their country. 

Our Partners

We thank our donors and development partners for supporting CorpsAfrica Volunteers and communities where they work.

Support Our WOrk

Our goal is to address two key challenges: creating opportunities for African youth and improving agriculture. We recruit motivated volunteers to live and work in remote, low-income areas in their own countries. They collaborate with the community to design and implement small-scale projects that address local needs.

We believe in the potential of our volunteers and these communities to find the solutions. They just need the tools to unleash them.

Help Empower Change