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Partnerships and Public Relations Manager

Ankunda Tania currently holds the position of Partnerships and Public Relations Manager at CorpsAfrica/Uganda where she is dedicated to fostering strategic collaborations and enhancing the organization's public image. With a diverse professional background spanning roles in operations management, fundraising, sales, marketing, and public relations, Ankunda's career journey reflects a steadfast commitment to excellence and a passion for driving growth and innovation. In her current role, Ankunda leverages her comprehensive skill set to craft and execute sales and marketing plans aligned with overarching business strategies. She adeptly leads and motivates teams to achieve revenue targets while ensuring seamless coordination between departments. Ankunda's ability to cultivate relationships and communicate effectively contributes significantly to building strategic partnerships and enhancing the organization's reputation. Before her current position, Ankunda excelled as a Sales and Marketing Manager, where she demonstrated her prowess in developing and implementing sales strategies to drive business growth. Her leadership played a pivotal role in inspiring teams to deliver results while maintaining a customer-centric approach. Furthermore, Ankunda's experience as an Operations Manager at Trueline Africa Logistics underscores her proficiency in overseeing daily operations, managing teams, and implementing policies to optimize efficiency. Her attention to detail and commitment to compliance have been instrumental in ensuring organizational success and growth.