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Youssef Mahfoudi is a 25-year-old, residing in Meknes, Morocco. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management. Youssef boasts a diverse professional background, He has excelled as a Cashier Manager at a technical inspection center, showcasing his organizational prowess. Additionally, he brings a creative flair to his career as a Pastry Chef and has contributed to the telecommunications industry through his role in Data Entry at Maroc Telecom, demonstrating his adaptability and enthusiasm for challenges. Beyond his professional life, Youssef is a sports enthusiast, finding joy in football and swimming. His adventurous spirit comes to life through his love for hiking, a passion that has taken him to the farthest corners of Morocco, allowing him to explore its hidden treasures. Youssef’s zest for life extends to his love for travel, embracing Morocco’s wonders and diverse culture. His experiences reflect a well-rounded individual who is not only dedicated to his work but also deeply passionate about exploring the world and embracing new challenges.