Home Away From Home

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Ms. Alinafe Chikombole

Mentally preparing myself for the inevitable drastic step of feeling right at home in a new community helped me significantly. Preparing to get out of my comfort zone and embracing that indeed this is going to be my home for the next six months helped me settle right in on my very first day. Having thought of all the worst-case scenarios helped me embrace that even out of my comfort zone I can feel right at home even when it’s not home per se. No lights? Not a problem, the people that live in this community survive, and so will I.

Having a cheerful, loving, and supportive host family made the adjustment that much easier too. They make sure I’m well fed and I have everything I need at the click of my fingers. There are good guides likewise, making sure I get well-acquainted with the people and the whole community altogether. Warning me off things and people to stay clear of – they are my angels in disguise, I believe.

The variety of fish available makes me think of changing my diet altogether to avoid the red meat and go all white. The re-adjustment from my usual diet has even been great because of the readily available fish. Pork and goat meat are likewise available just about everywhere. Rich in so many different fruits, I’ve been able to get just as adventurous and try out new things.

The beautiful scenery of the lake makes it worth the while. The constant sounds of waves crushing on waves is rather interesting. The calm of it also gives you a chance to sit on the shore and take a moment to reflect on a life.

This beautiful scenery is my home away from home for my entire duration of my service and am looking forward to discovering new things about this beautiful home of mine.

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