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Alinafe is a 23-year-old man from the city of Blantyre in Malawi who is passionate about a lot of things in his life. Before obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences with a major in economics from the Catholic University of Malawi, he had already begun accumulating some career experience in the field of emergency response and disaster relief and recovery. He has immense experience in disaster relief and recovery projects and has worked with direct victims and beneficiaries of multiple interventions in the southern districts of his home country. With vast training in psychosocial support from the ACT ALLIANCE, he is able to relate to different types of people going through different experiences and how best to mentally be sane. Having this experience has helped him develop a people personality that enables him to easily adapt to different personalities and cultures. His work in the remote areas of Malawi has made him very familiar with local community structures, politics, and development approaches used by many organizations. His behavior and work practices have been aligned with core humanitarian standards from the Act Alliance code of conduct that prioritize the physical and mental health of beneficiaries and victims. These attributes make him well-equipped to work with CorpsAfrica as he can adapt well to their developmental approach which is very different from every other organization in Malawi. He will seem into this approach with ease and this service will benefit his professional growth.