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In 2016, CorpsAfrica/Malawi was established with the backing of OCP Group, and it commenced operations by welcoming 12 Volunteers across eight districts. Building on the success of the inaugural program, the second group saw the participation of 18 Volunteers spread across nine districts. Over the years, CorpsAfrica/Malawi has expanded its impact, deploying 120 Volunteers across six cohorts in 25 districts. CorpsAfrica/Malawi has also been privileged to receive the highest number of Exchange Volunteers who opt to serve a second year in a different country.

Malawi offers a range of natural wonders, including national parks and wildlife reserves. However, as a landlocked country in southeastern Africa, Malawi faces various challenges such as poverty, food insecurity, and limited access to healthcare and education. Nicknamed the “warm heart of Africa” due to the friendliness and hospitality of its people, CorpsAfrica Volunteers have found welcoming communities. Together, they have implemented projects in several sectors including transport and communication, infrastructure development, education, income-generating ventures, agriculture and irrigation, livestock production, and water, sanitation and health with support from our development partners.

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[email protected]

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P.O. Box 2093, Lilongwe

Country Director

Arthur Nkosi

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Featured Project: Basketball Court at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp

Volunteer in Malawi

CorpsAfrica recruits ambitious young people to apply their education, build their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and learn more about their countries and about themselves. They facilitate small-scale, high-impact projects identified by local community members, to fulfill key needs.

We have begun accepting applications for the next cohort! Applications close on April 30, 2024.

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CorpsAfrica addresses two of Africa’s most difficult challenges: creating opportunities for youth and helping rural communities overcome extreme poverty and build resilience. We recruit motivated volunteers to live and work in remote, low-income areas in their own countries. They collaborate with the community to design and implement small-scale projects that address their top priorities and by doing so gain the skills and experience that lay the foundation for personal and professional success.

CorpsAfrica trusts youth and rural communities to help each other.