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Mpalale Classroom Block Renovation


Site: Mpalale Village, Dedza District


July 2019

- October 2019

Primary sector

project cost

5,814,790 MWK

($7,884.46 USD)

People impacted

138 Directly

311 Indirectly

UN Sustainable Development goals

Project Overview

Through a needs assessment, the community of Mpalale chose to renovate their secondary school classroom block. Unsafe for students and teachers, the block was not equipped with resources to encourage learning. As a result, students could not attend school and were falling behind. The community was enthusiastic about the children’s education and supported the multiphase renovation project through labor, donation of resources, and financial contribution. The PTA and other community groups were able to arrange for the community’s substantive support.

The renovation process was divided into two phases. The existing roofs and upper walls were removed from the buildings so that the windows could be widened, ring beams could be constructed and more secure brickwork could be done to ensure stability of the building and incoming roof. In the second phase, the community brought in materials to put up the roof, plaster, and paint for the walls. They then installed new doors and windows, as well as constructed a drainage system. Upon completion of the physical structure, the classroom block was ready to be opened to the community. The PTA and school management committee have taken charge of maintenance management, and have committed to raising further development funds for the school and teachers.

Project Highlights

  • he Mpalale secondary school renovation succeeded in increasing school attendance, as shown by the enrollment of 128 students upon its completion.

  • 100% completion of the renovation work as it was indicated in the proposal

  • 7% increase in the number of students enrolled each year

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