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CorpsAfrica Volunteers serve in communities based on select criteria including perceived need, existing local partners, essential infrastructure, and location. Following a rigorous screening process, Volunteers attend a one-month intensive training program, and then move to their sites where they live with host families, learn local languages and dialects, participate in day-to-day activities, and become trusted members of their communities.

They lead change by actively engaging members of the local community in meaningful conversations and organizing community gatherings. Their goal is to identify and tackle the evolving and complex local needs across various sectors such as education, health, small business development, urban planning and infrastructure, agriculture, environment concerns, and more. CorpsAfrica Volunteers collaborate with communities to determine their priority needs, design and implement projects to address those needs (which are supported by a special fund attached to the CorpsAfrica project) and perform comprehensive impact evaluation analyses.

CorpsAfrica Volunteers receive professional training before and during their service, support from CorpsAfrica staff (both nationally and internationally), a modest living allowance, and a readjustment allowance upon successful completion of the program.