IMG-20141022-00364 INVEST IN HUMAN CAPITAL IN AFRICA: CorpsAfrica applies the newest and best approaches to international development, including empowering local communities, promoting collaboration between NGOs, monitoring and evaluation, humility, and so much more. Our model is smart, efficient, brings short-term and long-term benefits, and can be replicated and scaled up throughout the African continent. Follow the instructions below to support this worthy effort with a financial contribution. Are you a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer?  We invite you to “Pay the Peace Corps Forward” through a gift to CorpsAfrica.  Read more here.

For checks: Please make checks payable to “CorpsAfrica” and send to: CorpsAfrica P.O. Box 5414 Washington, DC 20016 For credit cards:


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CorpsAfrica’s REAL Founders – our Founding Donors:

Every gift to CorpsAfrica during the early stage is a “founding gift” and is critical in helping the organization get off the ground. We will recognize each of our founding donors here, on our donate page, and then permanently on a special “Founding Donors Recognition Page,” which we will always include on our site. Names are listed in the order they came in. $100+ donors are highlighted in Green and $1,000+ donors are highlighted in Blue. All gifts are deeply appreciated. If you wish to be listed as “Anonymous,” or if your name is not listed correctly, please let us know immediately by emailing Liz Fanning at It takes generosity, foresight, strategic investment sense, and faith to be a Founding Donor. Thank you! Water

Founding Donors

(March 1, 2011 to June 30, 2013)

Liz Fanning

Karli Hagedorn

Allison Frost

Philip Moss

Steve Myers

Sara Frankel

Jim Miller

John Salinger

Lydia Schinasi

Kate McLetchie

BJ Roemer

Victoria Adler

Lydia Schinasi

Don Michels

Eric Wright

Thom Anderson

Deborah Lee

David Sanford

Eli Orlic

Catherine Siegel


Lucy Berkowitz

Stefanie Roemer

Guy Molina

Rod Morris

Anne Reiniger

Jaya Chatterjee

Timothy Resch

Kevin Quigley

Elise Dieterich

Ted Vestal


Steven Clarke

Frank Yates

Barbara Eychaner

Jeraldine van den Top


The Coca-Cola Company

Jane Good

Morgan Salinger

Val and Will Aitchison

Sharmoni Addington Donald Orlic Erica Rosenberg

Tony Carroll

Peter and Barbara Gleichenhaus

David Rosskam

Elizabeth Pope

Cliff Carmichael

Ambassador Frank G. Wisner

Elisabeth Boas and Art Spitzer

Thomas Birch

Diane Bouchard Bendahmane

Rich and Marie Jones

Tim Wierzbicki

Steven and Dianna Nelson

Richard Burnham

Lane Lee Smith

Amy Gambrill

Ellen Brown Kurlansky

Darcy Neill

Michael Buckler and Rachel Levin

Peaches Joyal

Ambassador John Lange

Whitney Foster

Mark Smith and Susan Reep

Jeffrey Lubbers

Arlo Thompson

Adam Weiss

Michelle Ghiselli

Sherry Lubbers

Martha Tierney

Carol Bellamy

Sonita Singh

Beverly Bensalem

Doug and Kathy Burnell

Diane Borden

Alia Kate

Omar Laafoura

Ambassador Edward M. Gabriel

Peter Roggemann

Beverly Shank

Dinyar Devitre

Sharon Keld

Kirk Talbott

Joel Salinger

Jonathan Franzen

Debra Cohn

Gretchen Hayes

Janice Bloch


Nabil Amezzane

Albert Herter

Morgan Salinger

Allyn Salomon

Barbara Wisniewski

Barbara Hagedorn

Fred Mogul and Adrienne Teleki

Lalit Ahluwalia

Susan Leader

Ginger Bramson

Peter Fleischer

Marcela Hahn

Richard Alleman

Loren and Norman Greene

Chris and Meghan Hagedorn

Wegard Holby

Clara Lipson

Jamie Metzl Ann Puddu

Marcia Forman

Kirk Talbott

Senator Sam Nunn

Deborah Morris

Ambassador John C. Danforth

Ace and Kathy Greenberg

Ambassador John Negroponte

David J. and Dianne B. Stern

Adrien Tanguay

Wendy Knight

Susan and Douglas Davis