Volunteering Diaries of Victor Annani Togborlo

It was an ineffable nostalgia when I entered the KG2 classroom. At the same time though, I couldn’t help feeling slightly wistful about a congested class of 45 young holy souls being taught by Miss B alone. Memories of my early days in school were flickering through my mind as I gazed at these young […]

Journey to Kanfiehiyili

At approximately 30 minutes past 10:00am, I left home to meet my field liaison officer and some colleague Volunteers in order to start our deployment. I was excited to see my colleagues again after our memorable moments at our Pre-Service Training (PST). We started dropping off one after the other and I was the third […]

I Found My Calling

Recognizing that I’m volunteering and doing an exceptional job is critical. I had always felt indebted to give back to my country; fortunately, CorpsAfrica was the right place to respond to my calling since I was deployed in a new community far from home. I had never been as far away from home as I […]