Join us on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, as we come together for #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving and unity. The CorpsAfrica Volunteers work with their host communities every day to identify and solve their most pressing challenges. Since launching new offices in Ethiopia, Uganda, and The Gambia this year, CorpsAfrica now has almost 350 active Volunteers in nine countries! With your continued support, we’re working to grow this Africans for Africa model to all 54 countries. 

To reach this goal, we take action today and every day by:
  • Building the Next Generation of African Leaders and Changemakers: Since 2013, CorpsAfrica has recruited, trained, and hosted almost 1,000 young Africans to drive locally-led change.


  • Connecting Rural Communities: CorpsAfrica Volunteers work hand-in-hand with local partners and community members. By listening to communities’ needs, engaging their participation, and connecting them to critical resources.


  •  Nurturing Entrepreneurs: The Volunteer service experience creates an entrepreneurial ecosystem and mindset. Through our newly launched Entrepreneurship Incubator, we are investing in our alumni with job-creating ideas and helping them succeed.


  • Fostering Resilience: In response to the recent earthquake in Morocco, we quickly pivoted by extending training for the new Volunteers, equipping them with the skills needed to clean up, rebuild, and support the health and welfare of the traumatized people. All CorpsAfrica Volunteers in Morocco this year will live in remote villages that have been devastated by the earthquake. 
TODAY, YOUR GIFT WILL GO TWICE AS FAR! CorpsAfrica’s wonderful Board members are providing a generous 1-to-1 match incentive to encourage you to join them in supporting the CorpsAfrica Volunteers.

We can’t do it without you!