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Special Appeal

Aid Moroccan Communities’ Earthquake Relief Efforts

On September 8th, 2023, a devastating earthquake struck the Al Haouz province and surrounding areas in Morocco, leaving profound destruction and loss of life in its wake. We are relieved to report that CorpsAfrica staff and Volunteers, who had recently been in the area for Pre-service Training, are all safe.

This tragedy hits particularly close to the CorpsAfrica family. Morocco was not only CorpsAfrica’s inaugural program but also the source of inspiration for its creation. Many of the sites now in ruins had hosted or were going to host Volunteers.

One of those devastated communities is Asmaa’s Berkia’s village. Asmaa, CorpsAfrica/Maroc’s Volunteer Liaison, served in the Al Maghzen, a few kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake- a community that was hard hit. Sadly, many of the people she had worked with during her service lost their lives. The home where she lived and the preschool where she worked with local kids were all destroyed.

While our staff and alums have already made a significant impact by supporting first responder activities, there’s still more to do. The affected communities are struggling to recover from this unexpected tragedy.

Your contribution will have a profound and immediate impact by directly supporting CorpsAfrica’s dedicated Volunteers’ and communities in distress.

Morocco Earthquake 9

1. Provide crucial earthquake and disaster relief training

48 Volunteers, as well as CorpsAfrica/Maroc staff and alumni, are ready to assist communities. But they need training. Volunteers will serve as crucial resource providers and will be the backbone of assistance for Morocco’s affected communities. Before deploying Volunteers, we want to provide them with three weeks of intensive training – equipping them with the skills needed for effective Earthquake Recovery efforts and ensuring they are well-prepared for the tasks ahead.

Morocco Earthquake 11

2. Provide recovery equipment

Because of the devastation, Volunteers will need materials and equipment that will enable them to live and operate in affected areas. Materials needed include tents, sturdy shoes, flashlights, gloves, shovels, and more. These tools will be Volunteers’ lifelines during this unprecedented time as they work alongside other responders and community members to rebuild communities.

Morocco Earthquake 6

3. Provide basic and essential resources for recovering communities

Beyond training and equipment, donations will also directly support earthquake-affected communities by providing much-needed vital resources such as clean water, medical supplies, shelter, and other basic necessities.

Despite the setback, the recent devastation has only reaffirmed Volunteers’ resolve and commitment to serving communities in Morocco. Our dedication is unwavering, and with your support, we will continue working alongside these communities for as long as it takes and for as long as is needed.

From all of us at CorpsAfrica, Shokran jazeelan! (Thank you very much!)

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