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Project Demo Day in Kenya 2023

CorpsAfrica/Kenya and Mastercard Foundation are pleased to invite you to

Project Demo Day in Kenya

May 24,2023

Daystar University

(Valley Road Campus)

9:00 AM-12:30 PM GMT+3

After a rigorous selection process, four CorpsAfrica/Kenya Volunteers will pitch projects to donors and invited guests. Project Demo Day is a fundraising initiative that seeks to raise funds for community-led projects identified by host communities.

Below are the selected projects; all projects are available for funding support.

(Please visit our donate page to support a project)

Classroom Construction Project

Sharon Jelagat

Vota Village, Machakos County

During the rainy season, most children in the community miss school because of heavy rain and flooded roads. The project seeks to reduce the walking distance to school for the children in Kikawahani and Manza villages. Currently, the children learn in a church that lacks appropriate furniture and doesn’t provide a conducive environment for learning. The project seeks to provide a stimulating learning environment that is easily accessible, well-organized, and nurturing to the children in the neighborhood.

Funding Request: ~$2,349.13

Project Alignment (UN SDGs):

Meet the Community and the Volunteer:

Beekeeping and Tree Nursery Project

Raphael Kivuva

Rrorian Village, Narok County

The majority of the Rrorian village lives below the poverty line, unable to access basic needs. The Beekeeping and Tree Nursery Project will include setting up a beekeeping station and a tree nursery. To ensure that the project is sustainable, sunflowers will be grown to improve honey production. Oil will be extracted using a centrifuge machine and training will be done on honey harvesting and fruit tree grafting. The combination of these three activities will provide a viable source of livelihood for members of the community.

Funding Request: ~$1,770.27

Project Alignment (UN SDGs):

Meet the Community and the Volunteer:

Goat Farming Project

Maureen Njuhi

Elerai Village, Kajiado County

The project aims to increase the income of community members by selling goat milk and using the proceeds for breeding and meat supply. Initially, Alpine goats will be bought when they are 3 months pregnant and in 2 months, the community can begin selling their milk. Community members will cultivate lucerne and hay to provide food for the goats and reduce the expense of purchasing feeds. The milk will be sold and the proceeds put in a bank. A Community-Based Organization (CBO) will be created and registered to ensure accountability and sustainability.

Funding Request: ~$1,349.33

Project Alignment (UN SDGs):

Meet the Community and the Volunteer:

Supporting Access for Persons Living with Disabilities

Kelvin Mutuma

Kyuso Village, Kitui County

Persons living with disabilities (PWD) find it difficult to acquire mobility devices and obtain sustainable livelihoods. The project seeks to address the needs of persons living with disabilities (PWD) in Kyuso by accessing government grants, services, and allied support, from other development partners. This project aims to provide mobility devices, to National Council Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) Identification Cards and provide a socio-economic activity that gives them daily income. 

Funding Request: ~$5,265.57

Meet the Community and the Volunteer:

Support rural communities’ development by funding one of the projects above to make them a reality!

Can’t make it to the event?

You can still support the incredible CorpsAfrica Volunteers and projects! If you would prefer to send a check or learn about various ways to support CorpsAfrica, please visit our donate page.

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