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African Renaissance: Empowering Youth-Led Innovation for Continental Renewal 

On September 21st, CorpsAfrica hosted a beautiful reception at the iconic Loft at 620 rooftop at Rockefeller Center under the theme “African Renaissance: Empowering Youth-Led Innovation for Continental Renewal.” The event, during the UN General Assembly in NYC, brought together hundreds of distinguished guests representing regional and international agencies, philanthropists, leading NGOs in youth, employment, and leadership fields, as well as Africa-centric corporations. It was a night filled with valuable networking, insightful discussions, and a strong sense of celebration, reflecting the nurturing and thoughtful partnership community.

Check out some of the best moments and wonderful testimonials from our esteemed guests and speakers on the power of youth-led innovation!

Key Event Highlights

  • United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed (unable to attend at the last moment) sent a beautiful video calling CorpsAfrica “a much-needed catalyst for change” and “a model with tremendous hope and profound impact.”
  • We signed a groundbreaking strategic partnership with the Director of the Peace Corps, Carol Spahn, opening the door to formal collaboration with our dedicated Volunteers and reinforcing our shared value of local ownership of community projects.
  • Okechukwu Iweala shared an electrifying poem, setting an inspiring tone and evoking pan-African imagery that resonated with all present.
  • Special thanks to our luminous speakers for their insights into the question, “What has worked best for youth driving change in Africa… and in what ways can we amplify and support youth-led initiatives to ensure they are at the forefront of Africa’s renaissance?”
    • ChiChi Aniagolu-Okoye, Director, West Africa, The Ford Foundation
    • Jackie Chimhanzi, CEO, African Leadership Institute
    • Muhsin Hassan, Senior Awards Director, Lever for Change
    • Chido Mpemba, Youth Envoy at the African Union Commission
    • Kady Sylla, Senior Advisor, Africa, King Baudouin Foundation United States
    • Carol Spahn, Director of the Peace Corps

Support Our Work

CorpsAfrica addresses two of Africa’s most difficult challenges: creating opportunities for youth and helping rural communities overcome extreme poverty and build resilience. We recruit motivated volunteers to live and work in remote, low-income areas in their own countries. They collaborate with the community to design and implement small-scale projects that address their top priorities and by doing so gain the skills and experience that lay the foundation for personal and professional success.

CorpsAfrica trusts youth and rural communities to help each other.