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Meet Our Alums: Ulysse Uwayo

Ulysse Uwayo is a G3 Volunteer. He joined CorpsAfrica/Rwanda in 2021 and facilitated sustainable changes in the Ngororero district in Rucumu Village. Through various meetings and a community mapping exercise facilitated by Ulysse, together with his community, they implemented the piggery farming project that was identified by community members. This project has had a significant impact on the direct 100 community members and 700 indirect community members in Rucumu Village. The project addressed the issue of unfertile soil by providing a steady source of organic fertilizer through pig manure. This has resulted in improved agriculture production and increased yields for the community. Additionally, piggery farming has generated household income for community members through the sale of pigs and pig products, improving their economic stability.

Ulysse reflects on his experience volunteering in CorpsAfrica, stating that it enabled him to see social challenges from a fresh perspective. He learned that tackling community challenges requires identifying the root causes, learning from diverse perspectives, and adopting a community-led approach to finding sustainable solutions. Ulysse is grateful for his time with CorpsAfrica and feels forever indebted to the organization.

After completing his one-year service, Ulysse had the opportunity to receive a scholarship at the University of Global Health Equity. He graduated with a Master of Sciences in Global Health Delivery, One Health Track from the university. Currently, Ulysse works as an Academic Reviewer at SNHU’s Global Education Movement.


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