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  • Media Spotlight

Hapa Kenya: 30 Graduate from CorpsAfrica and will Spearhead Self-Reliant Programs in Six Counties

Written by Gladys Wamuyu

“30 volunteers drawn from diverse backgrounds and having varied university degrees, have qualified to spearhead small-scale, high impact projects that will transform local communities, after undergoing an intensive Pre-Service Training.

CorpsAfrica, which undertook the initiative, recruits and places young African graduates in remote, under-resourced areas within the counties to work with the communities in identifying and finding solutions to their own economic challenges.

Corps Africa’s Founder and Executive Director, Liz Fanning, while officiating the occasion yesterday in Sagana, Kirinyaga County, said the organization’s approach is Human-Centered Design (HCD) and Asset-Based Community-Led Development (ABCD), whose influence and success is normally measured through the impact made in the communities and a transformative volunteer experience…”

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