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Human-Centered Design

CorpsAfrica trains all Volunteers in Human-Centered Design Thinking (also known as “Design Thinking”), a problem solving approach CorpsAfrica uses as the cornerstone of its work in asset-based community development.

CorpsAfrica facilitates hands-on Human-Centered Design workshops led by an expert who supervises in-country trainers. This process teaches Volunteers how to engage in and collaborate with their communities to address unmet needs.

CorpsAfrica training includes two weeks of immersive exercises before Volunteers’ service positions begin where they practice Human-Centered Design methods and build on the skills and mindsets they need for designing and implementing sustainable development projects with their communities.


Human-Centered Design is a critical piece of CorpsAfrica’s Training. We want the CorpsAfrica model to serve as a laboratory for academic approaches to development and to be part of the conversation around Design Thinking principles. More importantly, Human-Centered Design provides a powerful framework that Volunteers need to be successful facilitators for community development in their communities.


CorpsAfrica is committed to the growth of Volunteers and the outcomes of each individual project.