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Junior CorpsAFRICA

The Junior CorpsAfrica (JCA) Program is a service-learning opportunity for primary and secondary school students interested in sustainable development and volunteer work. Through the program, Students gain a wealth of knowledge and skills that will enable their success in school and in their future careers.

The J program was started in 2016 by former CorpsAfrica/Maroc Volunteer Mourad Abdennebi. As a middle school Arabic teacher at the Casablanca American School, Mourad worked with his school principal, Aimee Meditz, to launch this youth development program. JCA provides students the opportunity to work with CorpsAfricaVolunteers and experience the amazing world of volunteer service from a young age. As part of the program, students fundraise for CorpsAfrica projects and engage in CorpsAfrica-facilitated activities, workshops, and training to enhance their personal and professional development.

Highlights of the JCA program:

  • JCA students featured at the CorpsAfrica All Country Conference reception in Casablanca in 2016.
  • JCA students participated in the CorpsAfrica Pre-Service Training where they learned the foundations of monitoring and evaluation, attended workshops on Human-Centered Design, and learned theories of international development and their applications in Morocco.
  • JCA students traveled to remote villages to meet Volunteers and engage with the communities to better understand the Volunteers’ experiences and local perspectives.
  • JCA students served as leaders for service-learning projects in their MS Explore Morocco groups.
  • After finishing the program successfully, the JCA students were honored with a certificate of achievement and senior membership in the Junior CorpsAfrica Program.

Featured Junior CorpsAfrica Project:

Multifunctional Space in Tizi Zegaght

Most recently, Junior CorpsAfrica contributed 100,000 Moroccan Dirhams to a CorpsAfrica Volunteer-facilitated project to build a multifunctional building for women, children, and local associations in the village of Tizi Zegaght. Junior CorpsAfrica Volunteers made several visits to the project site. Project highlights and JCA visitors are featured on  the right, as well as a brief video tour of the multifunctional space under construction.


CorpsAfrica is committed to the growth of Volunteers and the outcomes of each individual project.