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Hanane Elhiouile is from Guelmim. She is 25 years old. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Renewable Energy and Processing from the High School of Rechnology in Assa/Guelmim. Additionally, she holds a university degree in Physics from Ibn Zohr University. Furthermore, Hanane is a second-year student at Guelmim Faculty for Economy and Management. Also, she got a certificate of general computability from Alpha Institution of Professional Training. In addition to a certificate in Magazine management from TANGIS Training. She worked as a Social Assistant and Teacher with the Oum Laachar Association for Social and Environmental Work which is a part of the Second Chance. She participates in several activities targeting childhood and youth for instance New Code. She took part in an awareness campaign for blood donation, in addition to organizing many recreative trips for students. Hanane is extremely extrovert, which helps her be open to everyone and listen to people carefully. After getting experience in volunteer work, Hanane wants to join CorpsAfrica to implement all that she learned in her career, as well as help others in her countryside.