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Director of Africa Communications

Nadia Ahmed Abdalla is a dynamic and resourceful professional known for her exceptional achievements in policy strategy and communication development. She has built an impressive career with a remarkable track record in the public sector, advocacy, and entrepreneurship. Having served as the youngest Deputy Minister (Chief Administrative Secretary) at Kenya’s Ministry of ICT, Innovation, and Youth Affairs for three years, Nadia has a strong educational background. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Mass Communications with a minor in Journalism, along with a Master of Arts in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy. Nadia’s strengths shine through her outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills, which she has honed through extensive experience in shaping communication strategies, public policy, program oversight, and leading digital transformation initiatives. She is a passionate advocate for youth and women in Africa, championing diversity and inclusion rights not only in Kenya but throughout the continent. As a Global Communication & Developmental Specialist, Nadia’s expertise has had a significant impact on governmental bodies, advocacy groups, private enterprises, and non-profit organizations across Africa and beyond. Her communication skills empower governments, development agencies, and non-profits to strengthen their presence, leveraging community service, technology, innovation, and leadership to drive growth. Beyond her professional achievements, Nadia is a highly respected Pan-African Inspirational Speaker, known for captivating diverse audiences with her wealth of experience in delivering impactful leadership talks focused on communication, community development, and transformative programs. Her dedication to mental health advocacy further underscores her multifaceted contributions. Nadia’s accomplishments extend even further, including her roles as an accomplished author, a passionate advocate for Pan-Africanism, a champion for community and digital transformation, and a mentor to aspiring talents. Her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact makes her an inspirational figure for both current and future generations.