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I am Hayat Aberkaoui (21), a passionate and creative graphic designer with over a decade of experience in translating ideas into visually compelling designs. My journey in the world of design has led me to collaborate with a diverse range of clients, from start-ups to established brands, which made me start my own business ” Tradistyle Brand”. I got my degree in 2022 in English Studies majoring in Linguistics. Besides that, I have worked in a media agency as a Publisher and editor, and I have also worked in a call center as a Customer Service Representative for 6 months. Beyond my professional life, I have a deep passion for sports. I spend most of my time playing football, and tennis, and doing gymnastics, Whether I’m competing or simply enjoying the physical and mental benefits of gymnastics, it remains an integral part of who I am. I also love to play guitar, drawing, and public speaking. I love to challenge myself a lot. My love for challenging myself not only keeps life exciting but also reinforces my belief that growth and learning never truly have an endpoint. It’s this constant quest for personal and professional development that fuels my enthusiasm for tackling new and exciting challenges head-on.