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Hamza Aboubaigi is 23 years old. He holds a Master’s in Aquatic Ecosystems Management and a Bachelor’s in Biotechnology from Cadi-Ayyad University in Marrakech, Morocco. For his graduation thesis, Hamza was part of a Moroccan-German scientific team that conducted research on the environmental quality of the Draa Basin (Ouarzazate to Mhamid, and Kalaa to Taznakht). He worked on modeling the Water Quality in these regions. For his undergraduate thesis, he conducted 3-months of field and laboratory work on the microorganism-plant symbiosis and succeeded to isolate two new strains. Hamza’s volunteering work began early in the faculty of sciences and technologies when he was elected as a student representative for two years, he also joined many NGOs during his first three years due to his interest in entrepreneurship and leadership. He attended the Enactus team in his faculty, then Injaz Almaghrib where his presence in its programs allowed him to gain more knowledge and experience in this domain, and finally he become one of their volunteers and taught entrepreneurship in High schools and Middle schools. Finally, after his graduation, Hamza chose to follow his passion for social entrepreneurship and his love for Africa so he was truly delighted to be chosen as a Volunteer with CorpsAfrica.