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Wafaa Afkir worked as a freelance translator with Khaleejesque Online Magazine. She has worked as a phone counselor with Morocco Order in Casablanca and with Peace Corps as a Language and Culture Facilitator. During college, she volunteered with the Casablanca-Kennesaw Community Museum for a year and with the ‘Darna Association’ a women’s center in Tangier. In 2007, she taught Arabic and English with Hiba Association. Wafaa helped organize several events, including The International University Theater in Ben M’sik, Tangier Theater Festival, Women’s Day in Casablanca, and Coffee and Conversation in Ben M’sik and she will be representing Morocco at The Mosaic Leadership Summit 2013 in the UK. Wafaa graduated from Moulay Ismail High School in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies from Hassan II University and she studied translation at the King Fahd School of Translation.