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Marème Aïdara is a student and socio-economic entrepreneur. She is from the Dakar region of Senegal, and she currently resides in the department of Keur Massar. Holder of a baccalaureate series L2 in 2016, she continued her higher education at the Virtual University of Senegal where she obtained her license in English specializing in Linguistics and Grammar. She also has higher education combined with professional training in computer science. After two years of unfinished training, she embarked on entrepreneurship in the field of agrifood with the transformation of local fruits into juice and syrup after being trained and sanctioned by a Certificate of Aptitude. In April 2021, she set up her start-up called MAANTA in tribute to her beloved mother who formed an EIG of more than 20 women and students in her field of activity. She is very open-minded, active, and very comfortable with her person, and through her professional and student activities has been able to travel to many regions of Senegal including St-Louis, Kaolack, Thies, Diourbel, Casamance, Ziguinchor, Bignona, and the sub-region with our neighboring country, Gambia. She is in love with discovery and writing when she travels. She is passionate about communication and everything related to it. And this is what explains her strong past involvement in student and extra-curricular activities. At the same time, she is driven by a pan-African fiber and an inordinate desire for development and her vision is that Senegal must necessarily go through local development through sectoral development programs. Today, as a CorpsAfrica/Senegal volunteer, Marème Aïdara wants to serve her community. For her, CorpsAfrica is an opportunity to serve her nation differently and thus contribute to the construction of its building. Her objective is to have a lasting impact on the cultural and socio-economic development of her host community through the enhancement of their resources. Beyond being a mission of self-sacrifice, she wants to be the best version of herself when she leaves her service through feedback that will have a positive impact on her. For this young Senegalese, being imbued with Republican values, civic accountability is a duty for any good citizen.