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Ait Bouzid


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  • Morocco_G8-2023-2024
Ez-Zahra Ait Bouzid is an Amazigh girl from Ouarzazate, showcasing her rich Amazigh culture through her unique dress style. She holds a degree in Cinema and Audiovisual Production Management and currently works as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. Her lens once captured the excitement of the Morocco Obstacle Race event and the International University Festival Youth Cinema in the Hollywood of Africa. Her journey as a filmmaker and content creator on Instagram has taught her incredible value of being a good observer and listener, she takes pride in offering support through attentive and compassionate conversations. Beyond her professional life, Ez-Zahra’s passions include writing scripts, reading, watching movies, and penning insightful critiques of films, she’s always eager to explore new experiences… Ez-Zahra believes in the Amazigh quote”Yat tzwit oraygh tskar amchad” which means One bee does not make honey; this quote highlights the idea that by working together with others, pooling resources, and collaborating effectively, volunteers can achieve more and create a positive difference in their communities or for the causes they support. Intriguingly, she clinched the first-place prize for Best Photo in 2022, an achievement she proudly earned at the Vivo-organized event.