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Angeline Akimana is a dedicated molding machine operator at Rwanda Plastic Industry Ltd, where precision meets innovation. With a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science from the University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology and a knack for public speaking honed through Toastmasters, Angeline combines her technical expertise with a passion for community-driven development. Angeline’s journey began with a solid academic foundation in Materials Science, equipping her with an in-depth understanding of materials properties and their real-world applications. This knowledge forms the bedrock of her contributions to the plastic industry. Beyond the factory floor, Angeline is a confident and articulate communicator, thanks to her involvement in Toastmasters. Her ability to convey ideas effectively and inspire others adds a unique dimension to her role as a change-maker. Angeline Akimana is a literary alchemist, weaving words into captivating tales that transport readers to worlds of imagination. As her heart is fueled by storytelling, she crafts narratives that resonate deep within the soul, and her poetry paints emotions in vivid hues. Angeline’s words are not mere ink on paper; they are keys to unlocking the doors of imagination. Angeline’s heart beats for community-led development. She believes that empowering individuals and communities to shape their own destinies is the key to sustainable progress. In her spare time, she actively participates in initiatives that aim to uplift local communities. Angeline lives by the philosophy of continuous improvement. She embraces the concept of learning, unlearning, and relearning, always seeking fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to challenges. She thrives in collaborative environments. Her open and communicative nature fosters teamwork and ensures that ideas flow seamlessly among colleagues.