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Josiane Akimana was Born in Rwanda, West Province, Rusizi District. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management specializing in Accounting, from Mount Kenya University, class 2022. She is a highly organized and self-driven individual and she has been passionate about serving her community. Before joining Corps Africa, Josiane conducted her Academic internships at Hotel La Petite ISIMBI as an assistant accountant; she has also worked in Rwagasabo-Agrotech as the main accountant. After completing her studies in 2022, she moved to Dot Rwanda where she has been volunteering as a Digital and business coach, delivering different Business lessons and computer skills to young entrepreneurs in her community. Josiane believes in the power of giving, and compassion, and always has a desire to make a positive impact with different values such as selflessness, empathy, and the idea that small actions can lead to meaningful change.