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Ali Aksim is from Ifran Atlas Saghir, Guelmim. He holds a diploma in sociology and is a painter and photographer. His art earned him first prize in the Moroccan “Talent and Creators” Competition. He has also participated in volunteerism and social impact efforts at his university, through clubs such as Entrepreneurship Action Us (ENACTUS) and “Be Positive”. He used his art for social impact, from painting schools in his local community to organizing murals with positive social messages for youth. For example, in the underserved area of Aalouk, he coordinated the painting and beautification of the village’s only primary school. He also oversaw a team and led the restoration of a library in El Maadr in the Tinznit Province. In Agadir ou Flla, he volunteered with a sports association to organize early morning walking and running groups with local youth. Through CorpsAfrica, he seeks new experiences, skills development, and an understanding of social impact work. His primary goal in life is to put a smile on other people’s faces.