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Daniel Akibe


Volunteer Liaison

  • Ghana_ALL
  • Ghana_G1-2022-2023
Daniel Akibe Amoah, also known as “OneDanny”, works at CorpsAfrica/Ghana as a Volunteer Liaison for the Central Region of Ghana. Daniel was initially a CorpsAfrica/Ghana Volunteer for the very first cohort in Ghana, before earning his place as a staff member. During his service, he helped to establish a Women Saving Group, build a three-unit classroom block, and support the educational needs of a visually impaired woman who was unable to continue schooling after graduating in 2015. Daniel graduated from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana (UCC), with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. He has dedicated his life to teaching, advocating for the rights of people with disabilities (PWDs), and serving humanity. Before joining CorpsAfrica, Daniel worked as an Administrative Assistant (NSP) in the College of Distance Education (CoDE-UCC) Admissions Unit, an Intern with the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development, and an Intern at St. John's Integrated Senior High School. He brings to CorpsAfrica a call to action, emphasizing that the youth need to act quickly to make a lasting impact.