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Stephen Harmony Awinesune Asampana holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Procurement Management from Sunyani Technical University. During his time there, he served as the SRC Electoral Commissioner and was an active member of the SRC Parliament. He hails from Sirigu in the Upper East Region of Ghana. He did his National Service at the Sunyani Municipal Assembly Procurement Unit. Afterward, he worked as an Assistant Cost Controller at Eusbett Hotel Limited. Harmony’s career path also led him to GhanaThink Foundation, where he took on the role of Barcamp Sunyani Team Lead before joining CorpsAfrica/Ghana. He made a significant impact as a Community Leader when he worked with Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) in their “Daring to Shift” Africa program, where he played a key role in teaching digital skills to young Ghanaians. In addition to his professional commitments, Stephen is a dedicated volunteer with a track record of volunteering with reputable organizations and firms since his Junior High School days. He is also a budding writer, inspired by English novelist; C.S Lewis, an American novelist; R. L Stine and French novelist; Jules Verne. He writes by the pen name “Harmony Writes.” He is also a professional videographer, photographer, and video editor. In his free time, Harmony enjoys reading and exploring new destinations through travel.