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Nancy Aimée



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Nancy Aimée Ashimwe was born and raised in Rwanda. She holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University Lay Adventist of Kigali. Additionally, she is a professional traditional dancer, a founder of the Indejuru culture troop in Nyanza District, and the cultural youth leader at UNILAK. She is motivated to serve in rural communities and make a positive impact on the locals. Her dedication to promoting women and youth within her community is inspiring and motivating others to take the same level of initiative. She is passionate about encouraging youth to acknowledge the importance of their own culture and engage in various cultural events. Nancy is proud to contribute to the success of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mainly through promoting illiteracy, facilitating the locals to graduate from poverty, and encouraging WASH in her local community. She is very excited to experience this amazing journey serving and providing for unprivileged communities in the Rulindo district as she adores discovering novel cultures and blending in with new people.