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Dr. Thelma


Manager of Economic & Social Development

Dr Thelma M. Awori is a highly experienced Manager of Economic and Social Development with more than 40 years of development policy analysis, programme development, advocacy, and development financing at the national and international levels. She has significant experience in promoting access to justice and facilitating consciousness raising among peace actors and women. She is an expert in development education of activist, practitioners, and policy makers in development policy analysis. Dr Awori has won different awards including Women’s eNews Leadership Awards, 2016, Enriching Women’s Economics African, American Institute 2012 Distinguished Alumina Award and Honorary Consul General, Republic of Liberia to the Republic of Uganda. She is currently doing her research in “Women’s leadership in conflict resolution and peace building process: Case studies of the Juba Peace Process, the Burundi Peace Process and conflict resolution in the Somalia Cluster” and “Women Who Will Not Wait: Case studies of women’s community leadership in Uganda, Botswana, Mali and Liberia.”