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Aboubacar Sadikh



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Aboubacar Sadikh Ba holds a Master’s degree in Sociology with a specialty in international migration at the Gaston Berger University of Saint Louis in Senegal. From a young age, he was interested in the living and working conditions of Senegalese. It is in this sense that he wrote works through themes of social action and development. In 2017, he did his case study for obtaining a Bachelor’s in Sociology on collective survival strategies and the migratory trajectories of young itinerant merchants in Dakar. Sadikh is also an entrepreneur who has managed to set up his commercial activity through a shoe sales shop called 2S Shoes (Shop Sadikh Shoes) at the Colobane and Sandaga markets. Being a sociologist and entrepreneur, he has been very active in community life since he was a child and has led fights over social and civic activities in his neighborhood and at his university. He has written articles on resilience systems and strategies in remote communities and has participated in many conferences and panels to this end. He is in charge of social and human actions for a structure called AHADD VISION at Gaston Berger University working on civic, social, and civic activities in Senegal. He is also the treasurer and external relations officer of BEST OF US, a club established at the UGB by USAID. Active in humanitarian activities, and aware of the state of his country, he joined CorpsAfrica/Senegal in 2019 and undertook to devote a year to acquiring practical experience and sharing with Senegalese communities to build on the emergence and development of his nation.