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Ibrahima Sadio



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I studied Political Science at I.M.C (Institute of Management and Communication of Dakar). I studied through License 2. Another training I completed was Metal Joinery. I did all my schooling in Cap Skirring from elementary school until I obtained my Baccalaureate in series L2 in Social and Human Sciences. I belong to the Fulani ethnic group in its own right, except that somewhere I touch a bit of a Bambara ethnic group, including my father’s mother, in this case, my paternal grandmother, who answered to the name of Sira Diop (Traoré). My grandparents came to Casamance thanks to the advent of Sékou Touré, former Guinean president. And since then, our parents have stayed in Senegal, but we commute between Senegal and Guinea Conakry because the family still lives there. Diembering is a village in Senegal located in Lower Casamance, about 10 km north of Cap Skirring and 60 km from Ziguinchor. It is the capital of the rural Diembéring community in the Kabrousse district, the Oussouye department, and the Ziguinchor region. Diembering is a family-scale rice-farming village. It is not a fishing village, although some fishermen practice sea fishing there, in motorized canoes, fishing in the oblongs being practiced by the villagers.