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Mariama Ba, 27 years old from Dakar more precisely at liberty 4. Specialized in entrepreneurship and administration, she studied as an executive assistant at the African Polytechnic University (UPA) and studied health with a midwifery option at the Polytechnic Institute of Health (IPS). His professional career is more oriented in the field of health and communication. Having done 6 months of internship in health centers (Dantec pachon service, colobane health center, and Freedom 4 prenatal consultations), she has been able to develop her empathy and strengthen her passion for her work while remaining professional. Mariama also spent 2 years in call centers (Sitel, Intelcia) as a teleconsultant for SFR, Bouygues, and Chronopost customers in order to improve her personal development and above all to understand customer relationship management. What has most marked Mariama’s career is entrepreneurship, yes! Thanks to the evolution of technology, she trained in decoration (video tutorial) for events, hence the collaboration with her sisters to create a company Gall√© Morathia which works on the rental of tents and decorations for ceremonies but also a catering service. which will be available to them. Mariama recently joined Yali Dakar for the public management program, knowledge has no limit. Today as a volunteer, she is setting up with her community (Ngombel) a market construction project that will allow them not only to fight against malnutrition among children but also to empower them financially. This experience as a Corps Africa volunteer will allow Mariama to participate in the development of Africa but also to prepare her main project in the future which consists of building an orphanage.