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My name is Maimouna Badiane, I live in Dakar and I am of Casamance origin in a village located in the south of Senegal in the region of Ziguinchor. I was born and raised in Dakar where I did all my schooling until obtaining my professional license in Political Science at the virtual University of Senegal in 2020 before joining CorpsAfrica/Senegal. I began my service in 2022 with Cohort 6 That of Excellence to participate in the development of my dear country because it is a civic responsibility to participate in the development of his country and also to learn from our communities. Serving has always been a passion for me and I am someone very active in community and social life, which means that since college I very early integrated various structures allowing me to live my passion. I was a member of a club called the actors of sanitation in my colleague a club which ensured the cleanliness of the school before being the person in charge of the communication of the club of the friends of nature at my high school one club which managed the high school school garden and with this club I learned a lot of things such as market gardening but also fish farming, I was also the president of the entrepreneurship component of the leadership club personal development and entrepreneurship of the virtual university of Senegal where I had a degree in public speaking and with this club we also had to do donation days in orphanages but also in women’s prisons, organize blood donations also my integration into these clubs allowed me to learn a lot of things but also I made a lot of achievements in the social field and apart from the school environment I am the president of the association of dynamic young people an association of which I am there founder who works in the social field through donations at the level of the daaras, helping diminished families, helping children who did not have “Extract” birth papers by registering them in the fairground hearings. I was also the communication officer of the keur mbaye fall la bokk movement in my commune, a movement that advocates for the development of my commune.