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Jean Joseph



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Jean Joseph Badji is from the region of Ziguinchor and more specifically, in Niassarang in the department of Bignona. He holds a BFEM with a level of study in the final class. ​Jean is an independent and social entrepreneur and actor of community development. He is a member and a volunteer at the YMCA Ziguinchor and has benefited from the program called ICS (International Citizen Service) thanks to which he has had to facilitate talks on employability, and citizenship with more than a thousand students, on the creation of entrepreneurial clubs in the neighborhoods, and the identification of community needs with the drafting and implementation of a broiler breeding project with a budget of 600,000 francs. Jean has supervised children in a program called AMENSENCE (Improvement of the Academic Level of Students through Educational Communities). He also worked as a volunteer in the APTE Senegal program (Improvement of Work and Entrepreneurship Performance in Senegal) with Caritas Ziguinchor to assist field agents in the animation of entrepreneurship clubs, to support and educate learners on the entrepreneurship by organizing AGR (Income Generating Activity), also preparing learners of CFP (Professional Training Center) for integration into the professional environment through introductory activities to the world of work and internships. Also for the response to COVID-19, Jean was involved as a VIP (Proximity Intercommunity Volunteer) at DÉCLIC (Développement Citoyenneté Inter et Communautaire Leadership) as part of the Laabanta Corona Project. He was able to raise awareness about respect for barrier measures and make VAD (Home Visit). He is also involved in digital social mobilization for the Poliomyelitis vaccination campaign with UNICEF. Jean is the initiator and president of an association called Sukali Sama Gox Coboda in his neighborhood in collaboration with young people to raise awareness on local development in favor of 100 young people and women from sports and cultural associations in the organization of a day of consultation and a donation of medicines with more than 200 beneficiaries, in the reforestation of 200 plants and more than 1,000 coconut trees in the neighborhood. This year, Jean became a Volunteer at CorpsAfrica/Senegal. His goal in his host community will be to serve with heart and mind and to have a lasting and positive impact on people’s lives through the enhancement of their resources.