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Bamba Diaw

Executive Assistant

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Amadou Bamba is from the town of Tivaouane in the region of Thiès. He is a young entrepreneur and an accounting, business management, and administration graduate. After his baccalaureate in 2013, he continued his studies at Dakar Bourguiba University (UDB) in Economic Management Engineering for two years, then he enrolled at the University Institute of Technology and Commerce (ITECOM) to specialize in accounting from where he obtained his diploma of higher technician and his Professional License in Accounting, Management of Companies and Administrations. After his studies, he landed several internships and obtained a contract with Chemical Industries of Senegal (ICS), which allowed him to occupy various positions as Personnel Manager, Payer, and, finally, Stock Manager. After leaving the company, he embarked on entrepreneurship by creating his own business in the field of clothing sales and import-export while leading his associative life fully. Indeed, he is part of an association that works in social action by helping the poor in rural areas. An activity that is close to his heart because it allows him to put his experience at the service of the population and without reserve as he has always wanted. Due to these experiences, he became passionate about developing and improving rural communities’ living conditions. He joined CorpsAfrica/Senegal while working as a Program Coordinator of Tivaouane Green Town (TVV), which works to improve environmental conditions. With his thirst to continue serving, he served as an Exchange Volunteer in Ghana and serves in the Peki Daffor community in the Volta Region. His goal is to further serve African communities and push them towards redefined development while being a typical ambassador of CorpsAfrica as he admires its love and loyalty to African communities.