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My name is Houda Belkhaouda, and I’m 21 years old, originally from El-Jadida. I graduated from the National Institute of Social Action and work as a community development social worker. Besides my job, I’m a journalist interested in social and environmental issues, especially gender-based violence and climate change, particularly water stress. I’ve written many articles about these topics and even won the 1st prize from the ERIM organization for one of my pieces about promoting gender-sensitive media coverage. I’ve also collaborated with the well-known journalist Hicham Houdaifa in the Openchabab initiative, a platform for training and research for young journalists. Apart from my journalism work, I’m an ambassador and trainer in digital protection, particularly cybersecurity, for civil society. I’m also an active member and volunteer in several associations. This includes the 100% Mom Association, which advocates for the rights of single mothers and their children, and the Hasnouna Association, which focuses on the socio-economic integration of drug users. I also volunteer at the community radio station Elhawma TV and am part of the Dynamic Youth Initiative in Tanger, which aims to empower young people and encourage them to participate in political and social life, especially in citizen engagement. I’ve completed internships in various areas, including working with SOS Village for children in challenging situations and the Organization of African Youth (OJA) to support the socio-economic integration of sub-Saharan immigrants in partnership with the International Organization for Migration. I’ve also interned with the Orient-Occident Foundation for providing psychosocial support to refugees. I’m a dedicated and passionate professional in my work, and I’ve chosen to join CorpsAfrica to explore a new environment and broaden my international social work experience, building on what I learned during my training at the National Institute of Social Action. I look forward to this 10-month volunteering experience, supported by a professional team. I value strength, motivation, positivity, adaptability, professionalism, and, most importantly, creativity and innovation.