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Ben Said


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Hydrogeologist & Environmentalist Doctor Engineering Studies and Consulting Contractor. Born in the village of Taghia located in the heart of the Central High Atlas in the province of Azilal, holder of a doctorate in science and technology specializing in Geology Option Hydrogeology – Geomatics – Environment with a thesis defended at the Faculty of Science and Technology of Béni Mellal in 2022, also holds a master’s degree in Surface Hydrology and Water Quality from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Fès Saiss in 2015, and also a bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology in Geomatics and Territorial Planning in 2013 and previously a Bachelor’s degree in Life and Earth Sciences in 2009. In terms of scientific research, his career has included the publication of 8 scientific articles in indexed journals and 24 communications at international congresses, including 3 carried out abroad. His scientific career is also consolidated through participation in the organization of scientific events, benefiting from several training courses relating to geosciences and the environment and thus educational experience teaching practical work and monitoring exams within the department. of earth sciences. As for the professional, his career is marked by several professional internships and two employment experiences as a Geologist and as Manager of a research and consulting company from 2020 to the present day. On a social level, several social and volunteer activities have been accumulated in the summer: associative work, participation in the general population and housing census of 2014, participation in the organization of the legislative elections of 2007, 2011, and 2016, and those of 2021. Being a member active in two associations and the eco-tourist cooperative “Maroc Geotours”. He is passionate about environmental professions and current causes, particularly severe drought manifested by the scarcity of water resources and measures to safeguard this vital element, climate change, and natural risks. In addition, it pays particular attention to participatory work, volunteering, sustainable development, the green economy, governance, and other related issues.