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Volunteer Liaison

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  • Rwanda_G4-2022-2023
Valens Bikorimana is currently working as the Volunteer Liaison for CorpsAfrica/Rwanda since 2023. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Rwanda. Valens also served as a CorpsAfrica/Rwanda Volunteer in the fourth group (2022/2023). Prior to joining CorpsAfrica/Rwanda, he founded the “Friends of Motherland Initiative” (Ubumuntu) to support the education of vulnerable children in his community. He also volunteered with Health Community Development as a Community Facilitator and worked as a Human Resource Manager at MMD Gira Ubukire. Valens actively pursued personal and professional development opportunities through certified training programs and international conferences, including the YALI Regional Leadership Center training program in Kenya in 2023. His unwavering passion and commitment drive him to create a lasting legacy of hope for underserved communities.