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Soukaina Boukchouch, born in Rabat 26 years ago, is an activist and junior expert in environment and sustainable development. She obtained her Master’s degree in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development after a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking from Mohamed V University of Rabat. Her passion for social impact, capacity building, and development has pushed her from a young age to engage in associative activities as a volunteer and serve as a junior volunteer with the A.M.S.I.P association for abandoned children. She is an active member of several local associations in the south of Morocco. In 2016 she had the opportunity to be part of the mobilization committee during the international events COY 12 and COP 22. She is the Co-Founder and Treasurer of Atlas for Development NGO. She works on women empowerment and youth, sustainable development, and improving the culture of volunteering as the third main axis. Professionally, she worked as a consultant in local development project management with different organizations (GREPOM/BirdLife in Morocco; EXVIVO solar cluster, IFED Rabat) in the regions of Laarache and Oued Zem.