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Souhail Boukraa is a Mechanical Engineer, social entrepreneur, and community development facilitator. He was born in 1996 in Romanni and grew up in Agadir, Morocco. He studied at Abdelmalek Essaadi University in Tangier and graduated in mechanical engineering. In his graduation project, he designed eco-friendly tap water for controlling flux and lowering water consumption in public structures and households. In 2015, he joined the NGO Enactus, where he developed his skills in social entrepreneurship, collaborated on project design and management, and organized fundraising events. Souhail is an eco-activist; he contributed to prototyping bio combustibles made of solid waste from the olive oil industry and other organic wastes to fight against deforestation and co-founded Marginal Labs, which is a production business of cosmetics made of polyphenol-rich wastes to save exposed soils and waters in the north of Morocco. Moreover, he organized several clean-ups and awareness campaigns about plastic waste in Morocco and Senegal. Souhail loves animals and likes to take care of them. In Asserssif village, he volunteered with Morocco Animal Aid, where he contributed to the health and well-being of the animals and the TNVR process for stray dogs. Boukraa is a CorpsAfrica Morocco alumni; he volunteered as a community-led development facilitator in Targa, a village in the region of Al Haouz in the high Atlas Mountains. He worked closely with the community to design a community project and conducted capacity-building training with the school students of the village in languages and other subjects. Currently, Souhail is a CorpsAfrica Senegal volunteer. He serves in Goudiry, Tambacounda, where he’s facilitating a community project called “Jagunde Soukabe Rewbe” in Pular, which means girls’ education. The project aims to reduce school dropout rates among girls in the region, raise awareness among the community, parents, and school teachers about the importance of girls’ education, and stop child marriage. Besides, Souhail is an easy-going person, who loves to meet new people and positively impact his surroundings. He is adventurous and likes to discover new cultures and perspectives. He also likes cycling, cooking, watching sunsets, and swimming. Souhail Boukraa believes in making change and taking a stand for humanity.