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Deborah Akusika



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Deborah Akusika Buatsi is an alumna of Valley View University, Ghana, having earned her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Education in 2019. After her graduation, she served as an Assistant Accounts Officer at Mankessim Senior High Technical School. Following this, she embarked on a highly commendable journey with CAMFED Ghana, where she served as a Learner Facilitator/Guide for an impressive duration of three years, contributing to the Young Africa Works Program. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in delivering modules such as “My Better World” and “Preparing for the World of Work” to the students of Mankessim Senior High Technical School. Her dedication and mentorship impacted over a thousand students, guiding them toward discovering their career aspirations. Moreover, Deborah’s efforts extended beyond the classroom as she actively participated in the selection of underprivileged girls for CAMFED’s Bursary Scholarship, a program that offers support and educational opportunities to those in need. She also tackled child protection issues within the school, showcasing her commitment to the welfare and safety of the students. In 2023, Deborah continued her mission to make a positive impact by volunteering as a Rise Selector. Her unwavering passion for serving and improving the lives of others has now led her to join CorpsAfrica Ghana, where her exceptional dedication promises to bring about further positive change in her community.