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Fana holds a BSc in Accounting and Finance from the American International University of West Africa, along with a diploma in Graphic Design. She is a versatile professional with a diverse background in Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, and Graphic Design. As an intern at the National Nutrition Agency and Unique Group in The Gambia, she has gained hands-on experience in financial operations. Her background includes roles as a successful Survey Enumerator and Financial Secretary for UPAM Gambia Chapter Executive. With a keen research interest, she stays at the forefront of industry developments. Her passion for learning and curiosity drives her to integrate insights into practical solutions. Known for enthusiasm, motivation, and determination, she tackles projects with resilience. Currently contributing to volunteer work at CorpsAfrica Gambia, she is leveraging her skills to make a meaningful impact. Whether in finance, technology, design, or research, she is dedicated to pushing boundaries and making a positive impact. Let's connect and explore new opportunities together!