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Natasha Lughano



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  • Malawi_G6-2022-2023
Natasha Lughano Chagunda is a social justice warrior passionately committed to humanitarian work with substantial administrative, community, and developmental work involvement. She is strongly interested in interventions and initiatives that assist highly vulnerable groups. To acquire relevant skills in this discipline, Natasha has volunteered with several non-profit organizations, such as the Social Justice Network, whose focus is to deal with issues concerning education, leadership and governance, gender-based violence, and sexual and reproductive health rights among adolescent girls and women and Environmental Care Initiative where the promotion for environmentally friendly living is paramount. Natasha has also worked with Partners in Health as an intern on a program for social and economic rights. Overall, Natasha seeks to be part of a network that brings preferential change to communities. CorspAfrica is one of these noble networks. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.