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Glory Tadala Chakana holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Extension and a Diploma in Agriculture from the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. She has worked with the Farm Services Unit (Farmers World) as an Extension officer, which exposed her to work with rural communities. She worked with smallholder farmers to adopt new farming technologies to improve productivity. She also worked with the Agricultural Research and Extension Trust (ARET) as an intern under a government internship program in the Extension Services department. Her passion is empowering farmers to maximize agricultural production using improved technologies. To help achieve this, she founded a small business selling improved horticultural seedlings and offering them extension services as a bonus to improve their agricultural productivity. This also helped the people get exposure to new, improved hybrid seeds that increased their income and market potential. She is confident that being a CorpsAfrica Volunteer will help her discover her full potential and be an agent of transformative community development.