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Dawn Chemoiwa is a patriotic Kenyan currently a CorpsAfrica/Kenya Volunteer in Kitui, Kenya, where she facilitates Asset-Based Community Development. She volunteered so that she could serve and learn. She has a background in International Relations and Diplomacy with 2yr experience working in private and public sectors in areas such as Wildlife/Environmental Conservation, Education, Youth Empowerment, and Good Governance. Previously, she worked on a youth program with World Leaders of Today on policy review and implementation. She has also worked with the International Union for Conservation of Nature as a Co-Lead Rapporteur and Logistics at the Africa Protected Areas Youth Pre-Congress in Kigali, Rwanda. She aspires to push for positive change through policy implementation and formulation. She is passionate about African Literature and is multilingual: French, Kiswahili, and English. She is free-spirited and loves experiencing new cultures and traveling.