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Reuel Chimosola is passionate about improving people’s lives and believes in building others as he is building himself. He loves reading, writing, public speaking, and photography. Reuel holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Because of his passion for rural communities, he co-founded OneMalawi, focusing on school fees issues and other factors to combat school dropouts. Before joining CorpsAfrica, he worked as an intern at Bwaila hospital, gaining experience in Water Sanitation and Hygiene programs, community health programs, and Expanded Immunization and health promotion programs. He also worked for Mchinji and Ntcheu district Environmental Health Departments as a volunteer. He has worked with several organizations, such as World Relief, in Covid-19 community training facilitation; he also worked with ONSE on Malaria scorecard activities and Community Health Action Groups supervision programs. He also served with IcapMalawi as a lister in the Malawi Population-based HIV Impact Assessment survey. Reuel has always been interested in helping rural communities, and CorpsAfrica has taken him in the direction he is passionate about. He believes it is not good enough to wish for change but to be the change you are looking for.