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Nganawe Chiwona, from Malawi, East Africa. She is an Environmental Health practitioner, having earned her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from the University of Malawi, the Polytechnic. During her time as a CorpsAfrica Volunteer, she resided in a rural area in Malawi for 10 months. Her responsibilities included facilitating training on fuel-efficient cook stoves, reusable menstrual pad making, and soap production. Her primary role was to facilitate the implementation of a project using Asset-Based Community-Led Development and Human-Centred Design approaches. Notably, she led the identification, design, and implementation of a bridge construction project that improved access to essential services such as health, education, and economic opportunities for 1802 community members. Nganawe also facilitated data collection and analysis to measure the impact of the project within the community. Before CorpsAfrica, she worked as a WASH Assistant for a year with the Ministry of Health in Malawi. In this role, she actively engaged with communities to understand their challenges and encouraged them to find their solutions. She firmly believed that every community possessed unique capabilities to solve their problems. During her time in this position, she assisted in the implementation of a tap water installation project and borehole construction in various communities within Lilongwe. Nganawe also served as an Environmental Health and Safety Officer at Lilongwe Dairy, where she helped the company establish a safe working environment following the ISO 45001 guidelines. Nganawe is deeply passionate about enhancing the well-being of marginalized communities in Malawi. Now, as an Exchange Volunteer with CorpsAfrica/Senegal, she aspires to serve in a Senegalese community and create a positive impact. She looks forward to the enriching experience of promoting cultural exchange and gaining fresh perspectives.